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Determine the Right Time to Operate Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth growth often causes problems. However, don't be in a hurry. Find out what conditions really need wisdom teeth surgery. Called wisdom teeth because these teeth are the last to appear. Wisdom tooth growth generally occurs at the age of 17-25 years. When wisdom teeth grow, it can cause discomfort for some people. If the position of the tooth that grows is not perfect, there is a possibility that dental surgery will be needed. Recognizing Risky Conditions Wisdom teeth are often also referred to as third molars. If the tooth grows normally and is uninterrupted, wisdom teeth are not necessary. In this condition, wisdom teeth can be cleaned and not interfere with other dental hygiene. The problem that often occurs is the impact of teeth, where wisdom teeth do not get enough space to grow. This can then cause problems, because the teeth cannot grow normally. Wisdom tooth position that is not normal include growing forward or backward tilt, transverse position, or only c
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Don't Use It, the Make Up Product Has an Expiration Period

Try to check your bag, there may be makeup products that have rarely or even not been used since it was purchased. Then, also check your dressing table. Be careful not to store make up products for too long, because there are ages of use and expiration periods that need attention. A dermatologist asserts, almost all makeup products are made stable and last for a certain amount of time. If it has passed the life period, it will appear color changes or less than the maximum when used. The worst is that it can lead to infection. Unfortunately, there aren't many products that have a lifetime or an expiration date. Following are general guidelines for make up and expiration of makeup products: Powder, blush and eye shadow Powder powder is generally safe for use up to 2 years, unless there is a change in color or odor. Likewise, blush and eye shadow in powder form have a life span of 1-2 years. That is because the powder form make-up products contain very little water, making it d

Benefits of Processed Tofu and Healthy Recipes

For you lovers of tofu, just hearing the word know may already be able to make you imagine its deliciousness. Behind its soft and delicious texture, it turns out there are various benefits of tofu for body health. Tofu comes from thickened soy milk deposits. There are several types of tofu that are commonly consumed, namely solid tofu, soft tofu, and silken tofu (silken tofu). These three types of tofu contain nutrients that are similar to each other, only the more dense the consistency of tofu, the higher the calories. Tofu includes foods that are low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. In 100 grams of tofu, there are only about 70 calories, 2 grams of carbohydrate, and 4 grams of fat. Tofu contains many nutrients, including protein, including essential amino acids, as well as various vitamins and minerals such as manganese, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper. That's why, it's a shame if you don't like tofu and wasted the benefits of tofu

Storing Oxygen Cylinders at Home Must Consider This

Certain health conditions can cause a person to need oxygen to help breathe. It is important to pay attention to the use and storage of this device properly, so that its function remains optimal. The advantages possessed by oxygen cylinders are more practical than oxygen concentrators in the form of machines. Storage of oxygen in the form of a tube can also be brought to the patient's home in need. Even smaller tubes can be carried when patients who need help are forced to travel. Who Needs Oxygen Cylinders? There are several conditions that require a person to get oxygen intake directly from a special container, such as an oxygen cylinder. One example is hypoxia, a condition where oxygen levels in the blood are so low. This condition itself can be characterized by shortness of breath and fatigue, especially after walking or coughing, can be accompanied by cold sweat. Another symptom that marks a person experiencing hypoxia is a bluish-looking skin surface, most easily identi

Wash hands with water and soap or hand sanitizer

Washing hands is now easier with the presence of various practical hand sanitizer products. However, these products cannot always replace the role of water and soap in disinfecting hands. Know when you can use a hand sanitizer or really need to wash your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol which functions like an antiseptic. According to research, germs on the hands are more effectively eradicated by hand sanitizers which have an alcohol content of 60-95%. Soap or Hand Sanitizer? Although it has ingredients that can help eradicate germs, you are not recommended to use a hand sanitizer if the condition of the hands is very dirty and oily, such as after eating, gardening, or exercising. There is a possibility that hand sanitizer cannot work optimally on hands that are too dirty. Washing hands with soap and water by rubbing them for 30 seconds is preferred for very dirty hands. You can use a hand sanitizer after washing your hands thoroughly with water

When Baby Is Allowed Sleeping on His stomach

Sleeping on his stomach is considered soothing. Even for certain ages, this kind of sleeping position can be dangerous. There are many risks of health problems that might occur if the baby is left on his stomach before his time. So, when can babies sleep on their stomach and what needs attention? The most vulnerable age range for sleeping on his stomach is when the baby is only 1-4 months old. Infants sleeping on their stomach at the age of 1-4 months can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Risk of Disturbing Respiration From several studies, the rate of sudden death infant syndrome is proven to be higher in babies sleeping on their stomach. One theory states that babies who are sleeping on their stomach will put pressure on the jaw, thus narrowing the respiratory tract. Another theory says, babies in the syndrome breathe back in the air they have released. This makes the oxygen level in the baby's body drop, while carbon dioxide increases. Eventually,

Beware of Triggers Foods and Beverages

Cancer is a disease caused by changes in genetic traits in body cells. One factor that can increase the risk of these changes is an unhealthy lifestyle, such as the habit of eating instant foods, fatty foods, and alcoholic drinks. According to some studies, certain foods and drinks can increase the risk of developing cancer in the body, especially if consumed too often. Here are the three main foods and drinks that are thought to increase the risk of cancer. Red meat Which includes red meat, including beef, pork and mutton. This type of meat is a good source of protein and minerals, but it contains saturated fat and high cholesterol. Eating too much red meat can also increase the risk of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also helps ensure that consumption of too much red meat can increase one's chances of getting cancer. Not only that, processed red meat products such as ham, sausages, bacon, and smok